installing fonts

step 1 unzip the downloaded file
  - suggested zip programs winRAR or winZIP

step 2 copy the .ttf file
  - right click file, select copy
  - or left click file and press ctrl + c

step 3 paste into your computer's font folder
  - right click folder, select paste
  - or left click folder and press ctrl + v

windows font folder
c:\windows\fonts or c:\winnt\fonts
(or press the start button > control panel >
appearance and themes > fonts).

mac osx
/library/fonts (for all users),
or /users/yer_username/library/fonts (for yew only).
or if yer os includes the font book...
yew can just double-click on a font file, then a preview pops up with an "install font" button.

copy the font files (.ttf) to fonts:/// in the file manager.